Dr Anne Bondi BHSI, Trust Director

A successful rider and trainer who has competed at advanced level both in Eventing and Dressage, Anne has also been placed in international three-day events including Windsor, Blair and Blenheim. As a trainer, she has prepared pupils for both competition careers and professional exams and was a Senior Examiner of the British Horse Society. Specialising both in the production of young competition horses and in the education of problem horses, she also produced a dynasty of homebred horses.

Over the years, the management of the horses became more natural – competing from the field, the horses were happier and stayed sounder. But one problem remained – saddles. Anne believes that the natural progression in 1999 to the treeless concept has been the biggest step forward in horse welfare in her lifetime.

In 2006, Anne founded Solution Saddles in order to research and develop a saddle design that would really make a difference to performance.

In 2009, the Saddle Research Trust was born through discussions with other like-minded people who strive to promote the welfare of the horse and to raise awareness of the widely underestimated issues surrounding saddles, equine backs and performance.

In 2018, Anne was awarded a Professional Doctorate by the University of Sunderland for a research project titled “A preliminary investigation of asrynchrony in the three-element interaction of horse, saddle and rider”.